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Meet the student brewers

23rd May 2022
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Our beers are brewed using the former teaching brewery housed in City College Plymouth, which we have been dusting off and putting to work again after several years of dormancy.

As part of our developing educational partnership with the College as we hone our own skills and develop our products as a brewery team, we have been able to offer students at the College paid work experience.

For our launch keg batch we had the wonderful help of Lily and Qwyn who spent the entire brew day with us, shovelling grain, weighing hops and patiently wrangling the equipment.

For their efforts we also paid them a Real Living Wage minimum day rate, which we felt was only fair and is something we will continue to provide to any students receiving work experience from us.

''I’ve always said great partners and meaningful collaboration will achieve the best outcome.'' - Mark Trewin, Director of Creative, Digital & Science Industries, City College Plymouth