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Welcome to our digital home!

13th May 2022
26 BPB2 Laura Harris

‘A beginning is a very delicate time.’ - Princess Irulan

We are Borrowed Parts Brew Co, welcome to our digital home! We are a micro-brewery based in Plymouth in the South West of England, the only cooperative brewery in the city and we are finally launching this May.

We’re a group of volunteers hailing from hospitality and events production who are working to revive and maintain their turn-of-the-millenium teaching brewery which had fallen into disuse.

With a range of support and we have been learning to produce beer at scale, some of which is currently sitting in our cellar room waiting for you to try.

The brewing world is vastly different now than it was when the facility was built. These days you can rent kegs using phone apps if you lack the storage space and cleaning facilities (*waves*), and the world has fallen for craft beer. We are producing kegged craft beer and craft cask ale, and are keen to try our hand at other styles.

Alongside this we are developing educational resources and running paid work experience with students on select brew days. In time we hope the facility can run as a fully fledged teaching brewery for people entering the industry or looking to hone skills, and naturally we’d like to open a taproom all of our own.

In the meantime you can follow our progress and keep abreast of events and updates here, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on several of the usual social networks - we haven’t quite got the hang of TikTok yet but give us time.

Cheers! 🍻